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How do you keep going?

“How do you keep going when you want to stop?” I asked my high school yoga students. We just started a Kundalini unit and though Kundalini can be relaxing, mostly one pushes through the knots or the thresholds to reach it. A timed practice, where movement and breath are repeated, leave the doer a lot of time to become defeated if they do not have a proper focus.

So my question, how do you keep going… was an opportunity for them to think about what they were going to do when they hit that wall. We all hit it. You may not see this so avidly in your yoga practice, depending on the yoga you practice, but walls are definitely a part of living life. We all hit them, and what we say to ourselves when we do, makes all the difference. What we do in those moments of struggle can make or break us.

Think for a moment back to one of those time when you were challenged to keep going but wanted to stop. What did you say, think, or do? Now, don’t tell yourself what you want to believe you said, thoug…

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