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3 Questions to Ask to Find Leaving or Staying Power

Relationships are not easy. Because it can be hard to see ourselves and see others clearly, we lose the boundary between what belongs to us or is someone else's stuff. I have had multiple conversations about this in the past week or so. So I would like to share some insight that I have discovered in my search. 

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately your energy changed? You were feeling calm before, but now you are feeling uneasy, listless, or anxious? Though there are a lot of reasons why this might be the case based on the other things happening in the room, something is for sure: What you feel now is not what you felt before you went there. What is happening now, affecting your energy now, is about the place and people within that space now. Good thing you can leave the room!

When in relationship, it may not be so easy. Especially in a long term relationship with a lover or with a friend you've known "forever," it can be hard to see past the comfort this…

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