"A Circuitous Route"

“God will sometimes lead you in what appears to you to be a circuitous route. He does it to prepare you for what [H]e is planning to do in your life. Trust that [H]e knows what [H]e is doing! Your plans and God’s plans are not always the same!”  -Bret Avlakeotes

The space in between is like this, a subtle unassuming place where we must trust in what is possible and who is in charge. Before the fight, before the response, before the harvest... there is always something that had to happen first. In those moments, before, it is best for us to move slowly and listen carefully. How are you being called, and to do what? The only way to know is to take time to hear. This requires patience. You have never been here before. So patience for the road ahead will be required. If we force, or rush ahead too quickly, we are certain to stub, crack or break under the pressure.

The route before us is not like the one that has brought us to here. And yet, here we are. Wherever we are on the path, now i…

Appreciate the Dark Night in the New Year

The dark night comes to us all. At some point the darkest night, which I now see will be the lightest, will happen to us all. We will all die. In the meantime, let us live, not expecting anything from the Universe or trying to change It. We can not change the direction that the water will flow. May we live then, expecting nothing, accepting and appreciating what is. May we live without the delusion that things and/or people are supposed to be going in a different direction and that we are the only ones that bear the truth and know the way.

Expecting nothing, accepting what is and appreciating what we have is one way to live with our expiration date in mind. When we realize that we will expire, that the dark night will happen to us all at a time and in a place most of us do not know, we can expect nothing as we only know what we know, and only in part. We can accept this fact and we can appreciate what we have right now more expressly. When we expect nothing, accept what is, and apprec…

Rekindle Your Inner Light

It is easy to lose sight of the truth of the holidays. It is fun to spend time with family and celebrate all that has been and will be. Though fun is apart of the experience of living, the beauty of the sense experience. With the Winter Solstice, the beauty in this time of year is naturally more sedentary. It is a time of introspection.

Somehow, though, we find ourselves doing more. How do we become still when everyone around us is moving and shaking their bells and mistletoes? Maybe just a little reminder will help. 
Try this:

Wake up. Sit. Even if just for a moment. Take a deep breath in and out. Acknowledge your breath. Inhale and tell yourself: Let. Exhale, and tell yourself: Go.

After you get ready and before you leave your house, sit. Take a deep breath in and out. Acknowledge your breath. Inhale and tell yourself: Let. Exhale, and tell yourself: Go.

Before you start a new project, after you finish a project, when you return home, before dinner, after…. At varying segments throughou…

3 Questions to Ask to Find Leaving or Staying Power

Relationships are not easy. Because it can be hard to see ourselves and see others clearly, we lose the boundary between what belongs to us or is someone else's stuff. I have had multiple conversations about this in the past week or so. So I would like to share some insight that I have discovered in my search. 

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately your energy changed? You were feeling calm before, but now you are feeling uneasy, listless, or anxious? Though there are a lot of reasons why this might be the case based on the other things happening in the room, something is for sure: What you feel now is not what you felt before you went there. What is happening now, affecting your energy now, is about the place and people within that space now. Good thing you can leave the room!

When in relationship, it may not be so easy. Especially in a long term relationship with a lover or with a friend you've known "forever," it can be hard to see past the comfort this…

Want My Opinion? Make Second Opinions Count!

Six months ago after starting chemo for the second time, my end game was to cure CLL once and for all. It is still to do so. I currently have .998% (Less than one percent!!) leukemia cells in my blood. Though doctors will not call this remission. Everyone can agree that this is progress. So now that I have had five rounds of chemo and my doctor has given me a very clean bill of health, my goal is to use my current leg up to identify all of the ways that I can create an environment of highest health and wellbeing: the cure!

Last week my cure journey took me to my original oncologist in South Carolina. After directly stating my intentions to cure CLL a whole year ago, August 2nd, I come to a pivotal point in the road, a revisit to where my awareness of this journey began. When I was diagnosed with CLL, it had been months of questions which just lead to more questions. My discovery was clear within the experience though. After my first chemo treatment, the lymph nodes in my neck were noti…

"The First 101 Things I Learned When My Hot Yoga Wife Got Cancer"

To be diagnosed with cancer changed a lot for me and my family. The hardest part being all the unexpected experiences that emerge from it, all the things you feel that you can not control, and how much you want to protect the people you love, them for me and me for them, from hurting. Having cancer has been a constant reminder that what I think I know, I probably do not. As healthy as I was, it was not enough. I have other karmic dates to resolve. When I am OK with this, it becomes easier to deal with the present moment. I suppose it becomes more clear that this is the way of life when dealing with any life-threatening disease.

It's not easy for anyone all the time. No matter how much we may appear OK, we will all meet challenges. So, I try to remember this with regard to my family. Though they are not receiving treatment personally, they have to sit on the sidelines and watch as someone they love does. On some levels, this is probably harder than going through the treatment itsel…

Ill-imination Hacks for Every Occasion

Do you want to let something go from your life? For me, I could no longer deny specific foods were not doing my body good. I decided that the best thing for me was to do an ill-imination diet, also known as, an elimination diet. I needed to eliminate the ill, the disease. Our diet is anything that we take in, so if food is not what you need to release at this time, you can still use the below hacks to help you.

I have to be honest, at the end of the school year when things were most stressful for me, cutting things out of my diet challenged me greatly. It takes great will power (that I obviously lacked as my energy was seeping out in other ways) to change to my eating plan, and it took intention that I had not thought to set.

When my body started to scream at me in pain, I could no longer walk the path that I was on. Changing my thinking was a must. I had to remind myself that I was not being denied anything that was helping me. I had to gather my will power and set the intention to ch…