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Fast Healing or Healing Fast? Or Both.

When my husband first mentioned fasting for my health, it was not the first time I'd heard of it. But it was the first time someone so close to me had suggested that I do it.

When I'd first heard of intermittent fasting, I was at the Airport Health Club, where I offer yoga, enjoying the jacuzzi. I met a nice couple whose brother/ brother-in-law had just passed from cancer. The women was struggling with some health concerns of her own, and they'd mentioned fasting with their brother in solidarity. The story concluded again with him passing away, so I thought "Well, that might explain some things." Why would anyone deny themselves nutrients that could help their body, especially when the body was already depleted?

The intuitive nudge did not stop there, and neither did my skepticism. A new homeopathic doctor's office opened in front of the Airport Club, and they offered a Keto Diet training. My husband and I went. I raised my hand to inquire, rather ignorantly …

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